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"Massachusetts is a national leader in innovation and cybersecurity," said Governor Charlie Baker. "We applaud Cybereason for their leadership and willingness to support an expanded group of smaller companies and groups under this program and we look forward to working with [former Boston Police] Commissioner Ed Davis on this important topic."

After several ransomware attacks struck small businesses, non-profits, and individuals, Boston-based Cybereason developed a free anti-ransomware tool called RansomFree. With SecureMA, Cybereason is expanding that mission to keep all people safe from cyber attacks.

SecureMA coalition members will have access to:

  • Quarterly and situational intelligence briefings by Cybereason experts ongoing cybersecurity threats and new developments
  • Updates and trainings for RansomFree, Cybereason's free anti-ransomware tool that protects against 99 percent of ransomware
  • A Free copy of Cybereason's Information Technology Best Practices Guide for small businesses and non-profits

"Cyber attacks are among the most challenging and concerning security threats that we face today," said former Boston Police Commissioner and honorary chair of SecureMA, Ed Davis.

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But first, download RansomFree today to keep your PC safe from ransomware.

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Election Security:
Are the November, 2018 Mid-term Elections Hackable?
Find out from Cybereason on What Cities and Towns and Voters Should Know.

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