Cybereason Deep Prevent (NGAV) helps you detect and block advanced attacks by automatically collecting and analyzing data from across your entire enterprise.  The solution uses every machine in your organization’s environment, conducting centralized analysis and endpoint-side analysis to deliver superior detection and blocking.

The Deep Prevent Advantage

Over 120,000,000 samples of malware were discovered in 2016 alone. That means every second, 4-5 new pieces of malware are created, giving more opportunities than ever for attackers to bypass traditional security fences. And attackers aren’t working alone; they operate as teams. Working together, they use multiple entry points to get into an organization and then expand their footprint.


To prevent attacks, defenders must operate in the same way, extending across all potential entry points. You can no longer rely on individual machines to detect and defend themselves.

“We can eliminate at least three, maybe four, of our current solutions with this single technology.”

-CISO Global Mobile Device Manufacturer

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