Cybereason Deep Detect & Respond (EDR) helps you confidently answer the question “Are you under attack?” and defend against even the most advanced attacks. The Cybereason solution focuses on collecting and analyzing behavioral data, meaning it doesn’t focus on what the data is — it focuses on the behaviors and motivations behind the data. This enables the solution to spot suspicious activities that would otherwise get overlooked.

The Deep Detect & Respond Advantage

Staying ahead of the adversary

Defending an IT ecosystem means understanding the activities, relationships, and roles of an ever-growing and diverse set of people and things. It’s more challenging than ever to keep up with advanced threats. As attackers develop new tools and techniques, how do you know which activities are truly malicious? How do you know if you’re under attack? If you discover that you are under attack, how do you respond before damage is done?

Deep Detect & Respond helps you confidently answer these questions and defend against even the most advanced attacks.

“The method of asking all of those questions all of the time is just like a mind map, that we just cannot do ourselves, without technology.”

-VP Security, Large Governmental Agency

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Why Deep Detect & Respond