Immediate Detection. Long-Term Protection.

Cybereason offers a real-time attack detection and response platform that
uses endpoint data to detect and remediate simple and complex threats.


Gain An End-to-End View of Malicious Activities

The Cybereason platform provides end-to-end context of an attack campaign.

Cybereason continuously collects detailed information from all endpoints across an enterprise.

The Cybereason Malop Hunting Engine™ then performs, in real time, a centralized, in-memory analysis to identify and connect all malicious activities related to the attack campaign, such as the initial infiltration, command and control, reconnaissance and lateral movement.

Get Maximum Value From Your Security Team

Cybereason incorporates an embedded Malop Hunting Engine that uses behavioral analytics and machine learning to correlate and aggregate information about an attack.

Cybereason combines this information into a single malicious operation, or a Malop™.
The Cybereason Incident Response Console graphically represents information about this Malop, enabling even those who are not security experts to understand its potential impact.

Deploy Quickly And Start Detecting Immediately

Cybereason uses a minimally invasive, user-space Endpoint Silent Sensor for data collection and lets you choose between cloud-based or on-premise server deployment.

This minimizes the deployment time and its user impact, reducing the organizational resistance and technology risk.

Moreover, Cybereason’s Malop Hunting Engine incorporates statistical and behavioral analytic capabilities so it requires little or no up-front configuration or tuning.

What Makes Cybereason Unique?


Automatically combines multiple related activities into a single malicious operation


Detects malicious activities across
the attack lifecycle


Fast Deployment. No pre-configuration required


Simple visualization for security and
non-security experts


Non-intrusive user-space
endpoint sensor


Real-time, centralized
in-memory analysis